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Scientific research gives us more and more understanding of the effects of mind-body practices on our cells, genes, body systems and brain.

With Yoga for Health, this wealth of scientific knowledge is used to design focused and targeted online practices for the purpose of optimal health and well-being. 

Xavière uses her health background to carefully design group or personalised individual sessions, to work on targeted goals, whether physical, physiological or emotional.


The tools and techniques used are borrowed from different types of modern and traditional disciplines, and are chosen with care. They are aimed at all those who wish to take care of themselves through simple practices accessible to all.

Xavière's approach takes into account the human being as a whole and recognizes the need for reconnection with the body and the living. Gradually, you develop knowledge and autonomy that allows you to take care of your health and well-being on a daily basis and in a holistic manner.


Give the power back to your body, and start your transformation journey now by booking your first online session!



Dr Xavière Desmet

PharmD, MSc, Yoga Teacher & Yogatherapist

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I am Doctor of Pharmacy and I have always been very mindful of my lifestyle and health. One morning I woke up with a terrible tinnitus that I thought I could never get rid of. I embarked for months in the healthcare journey of a patient whose symptoms could not be explained and treated. A dead-end. 

It turned my life upside down and I thought I would never have a normal life again...until the day I attended a yoga practice using meditation, mantras and pranayamas, which gave me a slight relief for the first time. 

This made me want to understand the science behind each practices and realised that yoga was much more than nice looking bodies and postures, and that it had tremendous power on our bodies. I researched which exercises would be efficient on tinnitus. A few months after I was cured, I decided to become Yogatherapist and
 Yoga for Health was born. 

With Yoga for Health, I use the science behind each exercise to design targeted practices, in order to give the power back to our body and achieve optimal health and well-being.

- Xavière Desmet